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Robots on the march pt.1 October 8, 2008

Posted by Marco in Events.

This coming weekend, the Angry Robot crew will be rampaging down to the sleepy town of Northampton (the UK one). Why? Oh pshaw — it’s only flipping Newcon 4! Along with the mighty Iain Banks, who’ll be bringing his M with him, there’ll be the usual marvellousness from Paul Cornell, Ken McLeod and the crepuscular Storm Constantine, plus a whole heap of further sfnal and fantastical goodness. The venue — the town’s old fishmarket, now an arts centre — is ideal for a small but smart convention, and the organisers, the Ians Watson and Whates, are such darlings it’s almost impossible not to have fun. See you there and yes, we are buying.



1. DLS - November 5, 2008

It was indeed a great weekend, and if you need further proof (or you were not fortunate enough to attend) , here are a few recordings of some of the panels:

Interview with Storm Constantine:

Panel: Does the Future of SF Lie in Media other than Traditional Literature?

Panel: Where would SF Be Had No Britons Ever Written SF?

and more…http://www.frequency-response.com

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