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Simon & Schuster head east for genre kicks October 22, 2008

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S&S in the UK announced via theBookseller today that they’ve acquired Alexey Pehov’s Chronicles of Siala trilogy for,

a pre-emptive six figure sum

The emerging BRIC economies should be fertile territory for genre – there’s stuff taking place in the wildfire of those hyperspeed capitalist environments Western writers have barely dreamed of. And it needs telling, or re-telling into amazing parables of the future or the mythic past.

I can’t work out if Pehov is the man to do that for Russia – and if you can work it out from his website, well, your Russian’s better than mine. But I hope he’s the sign of great things to come both from the BRIC countries, and all across the (to us at least) uncharted global territories of genre publishing.

Got something amazing? We’re looking.



1. Anonymous Coward - October 23, 2008

I’m not sure whether it’s to do with any individual country that’s stopping foreign genre fiction from succeeding – ultimately it falls into the usual trap that translated fiction, for reasons wholly beyond me, don’t sell well in our sadly Anglophile world.

That said, I have a copy of Alexander Levitsky’s Worlds Apart on my to-read pile, which combines a selection of Russian speculative fiction with commentary on the development of the genres. Can’t wait to read it, one day!

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