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THE best stuff of 2008, and no arguing now January 5, 2009

Posted by Marco in Angry Robot Media.

robot-new-yearWell, another year over, and a new one just begun. (Hmm, sounds familiar…) So I poked our Lee and our Chris to get me a Top Cool Things of 2008 list or three, and rattled one off of my own. Then I flung them together with some pictures off the interweb. As you’ll see, we all took somewhat different approaches to this one. Anyway here they all are. Sorry. (more…)


The Internet is the future November 6, 2008

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the futureThis is too good not to share… this glimpse into all our futures was forwarded by the whirlwind that is Sharyn November, editor over at Firebird, Penguin’s US-based YA fantasy imprint. Cheers, m’dear.

Hot or Not? October 23, 2008

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I admit it, I’ve watched Ghost in the Shell too many times.

I was never a BladeRunner fan – something about it always made me want to fall asleep, though that may have been perpetually watching it half-cut at 3am when I was younger. But Ghost in the Shell? That got me, with it’s “past man, past machine” schtick. But when you see the prosaic reality underneath the philosophising, it’s both deeply disappointing and MORE disturbing than any movie. This Actroid female robot is like some kinda botox freak out of LaLaland done as only Japan can – machinated, miniaturised and perfected. Pointless but wonderful:

Simon & Schuster head east for genre kicks October 22, 2008

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S&S in the UK announced via theBookseller today that they’ve acquired Alexey Pehov’s Chronicles of Siala trilogy for,

a pre-emptive six figure sum

The emerging BRIC economies should be fertile territory for genre – there’s stuff taking place in the wildfire of those hyperspeed capitalist environments Western writers have barely dreamed of. And it needs telling, or re-telling into amazing parables of the future or the mythic past.

I can’t work out if Pehov is the man to do that for Russia – and if you can work it out from his website, well, your Russian’s better than mine. But I hope he’s the sign of great things to come both from the BRIC countries, and all across the (to us at least) uncharted global territories of genre publishing.

Got something amazing? We’re looking.

Fable II, and the genre genius of Peter Molyneux October 22, 2008

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Peter Molyneux is one of the games industry auteurs people have been slowly been learning to think of in the same way we think about Film boys like Spielberg: commercial geniuses whose talent comes in large part from organising and enabling other peoples creativity as much as expressing their own. So when Molyneux, who these days runs Lionhead, turns to Fantasy themes to place his games, we should be interested (and are! Well, I am anyways…).

Fable II, released yesterday is a big moment. Partly because Fable I, as Molyneux himself admitted, was a disappointment; partly because of Molyneux’s well versed promo hype, but mostly because Fable feels different to most Fantasy-based gaming – less war and puzzle based, more explorative and evolutionary. Looser. Watch the trailer:

One of the things we want to do with Angry Robot is look at new opportunities for story-telling – i’m really excited to see (today!), what Molyneux and his crew are doing to take the genre forwards.

UPDATE: Cnet for one think it’s the game of the year

Angry Robots – the photo album October 22, 2008

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There’s a big wide world of Angry Robots out there – just check em out on Flickr. But there’s something about this one I really like.