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New blog at SFX March 3, 2009

Posted by Lee in Other people's business.
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A quick plug for my new blog elsewhere in the cyberverse. I was recently chosen as one of 12 volunteer bloggers for SFX – the best-selling British genre features magazine.

Head on over to SFX Magazine to see my thoughts on audio drama, and the season of SF audio currently airing on Radio 4 and Radio 7…


The Internet is the future November 6, 2008

Posted by Marco in Angry Robot Media, Other people's business.
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the futureThis is too good not to share… this glimpse into all our futures was forwarded by the whirlwind that is Sharyn November, editor over at Firebird, Penguin’s US-based YA fantasy imprint. Cheers, m’dear.

Jeff Vandermeer is a crazy Predator November 3, 2008

Posted by chrismichaels in Books, Other people's business.
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Jeff VanderMeer's Predator tie-in novel - what a combo!

Jeff VanderMeer's Predator tie-in novel - what a combo!

Jeff VanderMeer, over on the rather excellent blog at Amazon.com, talked recently about his writing of a Predator tie-in novel for Dark Horse, Predator: South China Sea.

This excites me, for two simple reasons.

1. Jeff rocks – Cities of Saints and Madmen is one of the most surprising books I’ve read out of genre for years. A twisting, Calvino-ish mass of fragments and vignettes that comes alive taken altogether.

2. Predator rocks – Arnie’s greatest moment by a country-mile (way beyond Terminator), a vicious, punchy barrage of Jungle ultraviolence.

So put ’em together and something good has GOT to happen right? I hope so – it’s not always easy to get worked up about tie-ins, even when someone as good as Jeff is writing them. But Predator, that’s enough to get me hoping for something dark, hard and nasty to come crawling out of the Jungle. Jeff – don’t let me down!

Check the original movie trailer for some good memories: